Monday, February 3, 2014

Commerce at the Heart Of Cross-Cultural Exchange

The wheels of commerce have been turning since humans started agriculture and by 500 CE trade was at the center of the networks connecting humanity across large geographic areas. Free enterprise continued to dominate, acting as the hand lifting the curtain for the dawning of true globalization at the turn of the 15th Century. The companion on commerce’s journey was organized spiritual beliefs that functioned as ethical codes. This duo traveled far and wide as the catalyst of cross-cultural interaction.

A Classic Look

Health and Strength
Darka helped me put this look together that I wore for the Grammys. She made the vest, pants and the tie. I had bought the Stetson hat on the internet. We were trying on clothes and found this image in a book about mens fashion. Darka ran out to her studio and made me this tie out of silk that she cut on the bias. The knot is tied like a regular bow tie, but you arrange it differently for that old look.

So there you have the inspiration or this look.