Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This site is back on line again for the next month or so. Should have all kinds of updates, articles and what not.

Check out this video I narrate about fair representation voting* for the US House. The idea is based on the theory that more southern Democrats and northern Republicans would bring more moderation to the chamber – similar to the situation a generation ago.

With these kinds of voting systems, there would also be space for 3rd parties and independent candidates. Another advantage is that voters would take the sophistication out of the hands of insiders cooking gerrymander maps. This way, most voters would elect a representative for themselves, instead of being stuck in a safe-seat district by design.

I will be posting more soon, especially about the Hall of Fame.


*Candidate-based forms of proportional representation such as SNTV, cumulative and STV.


  1. Hello Krist, i have a couple of questions.

    You are obviously involved in American politics but do you have much interest in international politics ? In particular do you have any thoughts about the Scottish independence referendum, and how much exposure has the issue had over in the United states ?


  2. You make good points Krist, but you fail to acknowledge the fact that a more proportional voting system could possibly allow more radical parties with racist or extreme policies to be elected. Also, the votes under STV take much longer to count, and it could possibly lead to donkey votes. The risk of minority extremist parties from entering chambers is something which personally puts me off these kinds of electoral systems. Yes it is somewhat fair and represents the minority- whose rights get sidelined. But the quota systems in proportional electoral systems has often led to with weak coalitions within chambers .

  3. Krist, I love that you aren't a musician who just feels like they should say something about politics, but instead is a musician with something real to say about politics. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Thanks Krist for speaking out on the rigged system in Washington. I support your efforts & I would love to have you appear in one of my campaign videos.

    Web: www.RoseIzzo.com
    My email: electizzo@AOL.com
    Twitter: @realRoseIzzo

  5. An old rockstar now is a politician, that's ironic but it's okey :D

  6. The thing that has ruined fair voting in politics is the billions of dollars funded by lobbyists, towards the interests, that overall lay the groundwork for a politicians' agenda during his or her term. I believe there should be a better voting system. I'm glad you're thinking outside of the box to get there. I see this working, as long as our voters are better informed about the agendas their candidates represent.

    In response to the above comment regarding "radical parties", there is an acceptable level of radical one can take, and voters do have enough sense in them to know what may be too far left or right. Sometimes radical is what this government needs, in order to shake up congress and maybe actually get the ball rolling in the right direction for once.

    Congrats on the Hall of Fame nod Krist, bring your accordion, and play it loudly.