Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Important News

One of the best meta-media names for the collaboration between Pat, Dave, Paul and I is "Sirvana". That said, Sir Paul McCartney is a really down to earth person. He's rock royalty too and with roots in the working class city of Liverpool. I could relate as Nirvana has roots in the US northwestern city of Inverness, Washington. 

Dave Grohl has been a frequent guest to the Obama White House. The Foo Fighters have rocked the executive branch of the US government many times. Still, I bet it irks Dave that the president hasn't knighted him. And Pat? Forget it -- he's half black and it distresses me that race is still an issue in American politics.

As far as names for the collaboration go, there is no consensus. It's been decided to call it "The Nirvana Reunion" and "Thee Beatles" -- to convey the project is something new and not a nod to musical endeavors past. It was initially thought to alternate between each name every other week. After many days of discussions, the lighting-quick pace of today's technology was considered and our plans changed. Instead, the two names will alternate every .0000012 of a second. This way web surfers have a good chance of seeing both names as much as possible. The algorithm for this exciting new technology is being coded as we speak, and if all goes well, it should be included on the next version of every major browser at the end of 2014 when the names are officially debuted.

At that time, any media using the new names will have to have their legal people contact our legal people -- for legal reasons. Any use on social media, blogs, SMS text etc. will have to be cleared for permission. This situation is a result of the 2010 "Citizens United" ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States. We have also filed the paperwork for a new super PAC called, "Americans For A Better America" that will make contributions to political campaigns in the US and United Kingdom.

That's it for now. More news as it happens. 


  1. Sirvana isn't a bad idea. Its a new collaboration so I think it shouldn't be assigned the names Nirvana or Beatles in any way. You guys were GREAT on the Sandy Benefit and SNL!

  2. Hi ! If you make a tour , how is possible to open for you ? (the first part). If you can answer here :
    it will be very appreciate.
    Much Respect

  3. It's got to be Krist's groovy bass experience extravaganza.

    'bout time you get some credit good sir!

  4. I dig calling it something totally different. I just hope we get to hear more.

  5. Hi Krist! Your old friends Jim & Debbie from Chicago (Mike & Carol, Dee, our shop Shangri-La Vintage, etc.) here. Great to see you onstage! Debbie & I both loved the benefit performance and SNL! If you'd ever like to contact us, our shop, Shangri-La Vintage is still around, same address, phone # etc. Also can be found online and on Facebook (ours in Chicago, another shop in FL not connected to us) and I can be found on facebook and google plus. Lots of great memories!

  6. Jim & Debbie Gallo (above) here again, thought you might like to know Carol is fine and well. I'm looking forward to future blogs, both political and musical/art..Take care!

  7. HUZZZAHHH!!! Its good to see u gahdunka dunkin with the bass again Krist.. (gahdunka dunka dunk is the word we have for the movements you create when you jump around with the bass, there will be a wikipedia entry.)

    - Rick Matias
    Framingham, Massachusetts.
    508- 820 - 8711

  8. I'm always fascinated by the attention Nirvana still drags so many years later.
    Man, two decades, and it's still doing the news.

    That's the landmark of the greatest.

    So whatever you call this, like Queen now call themselves "Queen + Paul Rodgers", or anything else, that looked very familiar to me and it was a pleasure to see you reunite for that Sandy benefit concert.