Sunday, February 12, 2012

Digital Age Nominations

Unafraid of Digital Democracy
The Illinois Green Party is currently conducting it's presidential primary. What's exciting, for me at least, is how voters can participate online if they like. I wrote a guest blog for the last week where I shared examples of groups holding nominations outside of state controlled open primaries. The IL Greens are another example of how our democracy is transforming into the digital age.

The Greens will also hold caucuses in conjunction with the online primary. I also find it compelling that IL Green rules allow folks 13 years and older to participate. This piqued my interest as the Grange, a group I'm a member of, allows full membership to 14 year olds. This is a feature of the Grange's mission to foster civic values.

Thumbs up to the Illinois Green Party for their leadership with inclusive democracy!


  1. I'm not sure if I like our democracy conforming to technology. With groups like anoymous able to hack so well, votes for president could be shifted, if it were to come to that. However, if it was made completely hack proof, which is almost impossible, it would encourage more voters.

  2. Max, You're right,the internet is going nowhere. I'm going to quit this blog for a Xerox fanzine.

    1. Ha, well your right. The accelerated rate at which technology is moving, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see votes online. And I like that their allowing kids over 13 to vote, letting kids who are politically active to have a say.

    2. Cool Max! I think there's too much paranoia about stealing elections. I do believe that we need to have election integrity. Vote fraud is illegal, and if it were so widespread, there would be more prosecutions.

    3. I will tread lightly here. How many cases does it take to be widespread? Once you start looking, the incidents become clearer and closer to home. RI continues to move forward with Voter ID.

      "There is no vote fraud" is right up there with "There is no good music anymore".